You see, what we do here at G A Sand and Gravel is give you choice. You can choose how you have your aggregates. We can cater to your precise requirements.

We have designed our sand and aggregate yard around customer service. I know I’m banging on about this again but it is important. Customer service is the foundation that our Tool and Plant hire business was built on and it is that same foundation that has given us nearly 80% growth in just the last financial year. It matters and we know it! It is this same philosophy that is behind our new sand and gravel yard in Cheney Manor.

So with that in mind we need to make sure we are offering you, our customer, the service that you need. With aggregates quantity is always important. You don’t want too much but also you need enough. We can help you get that right. This means no wasted money and no wasted product. Sometimes other factors come into play when you are ordering your aggregates. Maybe storage space is important or access to your driveway for example. We will try to accommodate all these details. Simply tell us if you need your aggregates, or building products, placed in a certain place. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

When supplying your sand and gravel as well as your building products, we offer a flexible approach towards delivery. You can choose from small 25kg bags, bulk bags or loose loads.

So, in a little more detail, a bulk bag, sometimes referred to as a dumpy bag, typically holds around 850kgs of product. This is not a full 1tonne and this is why we do not refer to them as tonne bags. That would be misleading. It does not mean that our bulk bags are any smaller than anybody else’s it simply means that we are being completely honest and transparent about the quantity held in a bulk bag. Bulk bags are the ideal choice when you need a relatively large quantity of product but cant have it tipped loose. They can be neatly placed in a corner, for example, where the sand or gravel is contained tidily ready for you to use as and when required. Bulk bags can also be stacked when there is a shortage of space. Buying your aggregates in bulk bags will not be the most cost effective way to purchase your aggregates as we need to cover the additional costs involved in the bulk bag as well as the operation of filling and storing the bulk bags. Depending on the product you are buying, on the surface the bulk bag price may look similar or even cheaper than the loose price. However you need to remember that the loose aggregate price is based on 1 tonne whereas the bulk bag only holds 850kgs.

Where we differentiate ourselves from some of Swindon’s other local builders’ merchants is we can also supply your sand and gravel loose. We sell our loose aggregates on a cost per tonne. However you can order part tonnes as required. If you need to order a part tonne please place you order over the phone. Having this flexibility means that if you only need 1.5t we can supply precisely that. This will save you money as you have the right quantity of aggregate for your project. Our delivery vehicle also has a split bed meaning we can carry two different types of loose aggregate at the same time offering us even more flexibility in our sand and gravel delivery service.
Another added benefit of being able to offer loose aggregates is our customers with tipper vans and trailers can come to our yard and collect their products. We offer a speedy loading service with our modern, weighloader equipped loading shovel, ensuring you get the right quantity of loose aggregate neatly loaded into the back of your tipper. For return customers we can hold your details on our computer system allowing personalised invoicing with just a few clicks. This means you spend less time in our yard and more time on your job earning money. Our yard also offers a quick turnaround as we have plenty of space allowing you to pull up to the office window, place your order, park in the yard, get loaded and then simply drive out of the other end. You don’t even need to get out of your vehicle.

We welcome both domestic customers and trade customers. Of course we are happy to offer our trade customers a discounted rate as we expect you to return again and again. If you have not already we would love you to come and see our set-up for yourselves. Domestic customers are welcome to come and see the products and ask questions. Our staff are very experienced and well informed and we are always happy to help. Don’t forget we also offer tool and plant hire in our other shop, G A Tool and Plant Hire, so we really can cover all your needs for your project.