SAND & GRAVEL SWINDON *** Deliveries are made within 48 hrs of your order, excluding weekends and bank holidays ***

We supply a range of sand and aggregate products for building and landscaping. Most of our sand and aggregate products are available in loose form, bulk bags or 25kg bags. We hold loose stock and fill our own bags so we can supply what you need.

  • 10mm Pea Shingle

    Our pea shingle has a wide variety of uses. It can be used for decorative purposes but can also be used in construction. It is commonly used to bed underground pipework in as it is rounded with no sharp edges. It not only protects the pipe but also act as a marker should somebody be excavating in the future. This product is also commonly used in drainage. Our pea shingle is quite light in colour with a predominantly cream stone in it.
  • Ballast

    Our Ballast is available in 25kg bags, Bulk bags (850kgs - 950kgs) or loose. We can deliver your ballast or you are welcome to come and collect from our aggregate yard in Cheney Manor, Swindon.
  • Building Sand / Soft Sand

    A fine quality, consistent, soft, red building sand sourced from a quarry local to Swindon.
  • Charcoal Grey Slate

    Charcoal Grey Slate is a contemporary and increasingly popular decorative aggregate used in a wide range of landscaping projects. We can supply this loose or in our dumpy bags.
  • Crushed Limestone 0mm-4mm

    This crushed limestone or grano dust as it is often referred to is ideal as a base under artificial grass and paving. It forms a solid flat base when compacted as the fines in the mix fill any voids locking it all together.
  • Gold Flint 20mm

    This decorative gold flint is commonly used for driveways, borders and other landscaping projects.
  • We supply our kiln dried sand in 25kg bags.
  • Mixed Building Sand 60/40

    This product is available loose per tonne, in bulk bags (850-950kgs) or in 25kg bags.
  • MOT Type1 Hardcore

    We supply MOT Type1 in bulk bags (850kgs - 950kgs) or loose. You can collect from our aggregate yard in Cheney Manor, Swindon or we can deliver. It is important to note that we are offering certified Type 1 and not an inferior recycled product. This is important as the make up of the product ensures that it compacts properly to form a stable layer.
  • Plum Slate

    Plum Slate is  very popular decorative aggregate used in a wide range of landscaping projects. We can supply this loose or in our bumpy bags.
  • Sharp Sand

    We can supply sharp sand in 25kg bags, bulk bags (850 - 950kgs) and loose.
  • We bring this British Certified topsoil into our yard loose where it is stored undercover until we bag it into our bulk bags. We generally then store this product in our bulk bags as that ensures we can keep it covered. This helps to keep it free from weeds and protected from the rain. We understand customers are quite fussy about their topsoil and we would encourage you to come into our sand and gravel yard in Cheney Manor, Swindon to see for yourself the quality of the product. We want you to be happy that you are getting a quality top soil. We would suggest if you are having your topsoil delivered loose that you try and pick a dry day for delivery. We really don't want to deliver a load of mud!


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