A lot of us in Swindon are proud owners of a patch of clay. We’ve tried incorporating sand, we’ve poked holes in it, dug it, sworn at it and we are still proud owners of a patch of clay. Others just have a mess that needs soil. But where do you get decent topsoil from in Swindon and what are you buying? Nobody wants another pile of clay dropped on their driveway or a heap of what can be best described as mud. It’s the old adage of you get what you pay for.

So of course I’m telling you all this because, as (nearly) always we have the answer to your topsoil needs in Swindon. Yes, top soil, not top mud. Unless we are supplying loose loads of topsoil directly into you, which can be arranged just ask, we supply our topsoil in bulk bags. This means we get the topsoil into our sand and gravel (and topsoil, blocks, cement, path edgings, the list goes on…) yard in Cheney Manor, Swindon, where we put the soil straight through our bagging plant into bulk bags. The benefit of this system is that the soil can be easily covered and stored in our aggregate yard and not left in a heap to become a soggy mess which is then difficult to work with.

But of course you want to know exactly what topsoil you are getting. As always, we strongly encourage people to come in and meet us and see the products you are buying for yourself. Our sand and gravel yard is situated in Cheney Manor just behind our tool hire shop, G A Plant and Tool Hire. For those who still are not sure, we are on the left about 150yds before Swindon’s household recycling depot in Darby Close. We have a large, probably Swindon’s biggest, and we think only drive through sand and gravel yard, situated at the end of Brindley Close. If you turn left immediately after the tool hire shop and just follow the road as far as it goes and you can’t fail to find us.

However, if you can’t make it into us, you can be rest assured that we have ensured we are supplying a quality product. We have found a supplier offering a high quality, consistent product and we always purchase our topsoil from this same supplier. The topsoil we stock is certified to British Standards. Who new there was a British Standard for topsoil? I didn’t know! Anyway the relevant British Standard is BS-3882. Who cares about a British Standard? Well we do and here is why.

What is BS 3882 – Specification for topsoil about?

Topsoil is a vital component of most landscaping and planting projects. The range of applications is increasing, for example as we learn to manage rainwater using landscape features that soak up and retard runoff.

BS 3882 on the specification for topsoil covers natural and manufactured top soils that are moved or traded, not top soils remaining in situ. It specifies requirements both for multipurpose topsoil, fit for the majority of needs, and for specialist top soils that have low fertility or are acidic or calcareous.

Who is BS 3882 – Specification for topsoil for?

BS 3882 on the specification for topsoil will be useful to anyone involved in landscaping, including:

  • Gardeners
  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Utilities
  • Local authorities
  • Environmental consultancies

Why should you use BS 3882 – Specification for topsoil?

BS 3882 on the specification for topsoil sets out requirements for topsoil classification and composition, specifying characteristics such as texture, acidity, and contaminants.

BS 3882 includes information on sampling and analysis and gives guidance on handling and site preparation so that soil is not degraded during excavation, delivery, or placement.

So that is straight from the horses mouth er.. well some of it the other end of the horse judging by the smell of it. Oh, don’t worry the smell fades after a day or two but at least you know it’s the proper stuff!

This is one of the few products we don’t stock in 25kg bags, as very few people require such a small quantity, however we do supply topsoil in bulk bags or can arrange loose load deliveries for bigger orders. As always please feel free to call our office (Option 2) and speak to our knowledgeable staff or of course pop into our aggregate yard in Cheney Manor and speak to the guys in person.